Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

This privacy policy lets you know our principles of handling personal information that we have received from valued clients.

Personal information definition
Personal information means private and identifiable information such as name, residence address, email address, phone number... (include those information that is not identifiable when considered individually but identifiable when considered collectively)
Purpose of collecting and using personal information

We use personal information for following purposes:
1. Respond to various kinds of query
2. Make necessary communication during service provision
3. Provide after-sales services

Provide personal information to the third party

We shall not provide personal information to the third party without consent from client, except the following cases.

Cases regulated by laws and regulations.
There is request of information disclosure from the authority such as government's agency or local public organization.

Urgent cases when protection of human life and asset is first priority and consent from client can not be obtained easily.

Necessary information is used for above-mentioned purposes based on authorization from client to handle full or part of personal information.

Provide personal information in order to preserve viability of the business after a merger or other events.

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