• About Heat Treatment・・・・・・・
    For specific special steel, we make specific design in order to optimize it's particular characteristic by heat treatment under suitable temperature, duration, and cooling speed. We have three main methods (four if including method without heat treatment) of pre-treatment in steel drawing process.
    OA ・・・・・ is our shortened term for annealing. The technique is often used to soften steel and facilitate the subsequent drawing or processing.
    ON ・・・・・ is our shortened term for normalizing technique. Normalizing is mainly used to produce uniformity in composition, and refine the microstructure.
    HT ・・・・・ is our abbreviation for hardening & tempering treatment. This kind of treatment is used to harden steel material.
    OR ・・・・・ is shortened term for rolled steel? We call it ma-ru-a-ru. This term actually refers to steel without heat treatment
  • About SGD400-D・・・・・・・
    It is cold drawn steel bars with symbol JIS 3123.
    It is usually made from SGD B(JIS G 3108) - the popular material for cold drawn steel bar - with mechanical characteristics of the material well-preserved. SGD B and SS400 (JIS G3101) - the popular material of rolled steel for general structure purpose, are almost similar in term of mechanical properties, but SS400 has higher level of flexibility, therefore we suggest using SS400 instead of SGD B.